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  • 一、请向大家介绍你自己。      Hi, my name’s Kris. I’m a teacher at NDI. 二、你来自哪里,家乡有什么特色?      I come from a city in the middle of England called Nottingham (not to be confused with Notting Hill). Nottingham is famous for the hero, Robin Hood and also for its international university which has campuses in Malaysia and NingBo. 三、谈谈你的近期状况?      I’m learning a foreign language too, just like yourselves, so I know how important it is to be in the right environment, which is one of the reasons I decided to work here.   四、你喜欢或经常参加哪些活动?      You will often find me wandering around the school networking with the students, so don’t hesitate to come over and have a chat with me! 五、你结缘新动态多长时间了?      I have been living in Xian for 4 years, which I now proudly call home. I have been working for NDI for almost four years now. I plan to spend most of my life here in little old Xian but perhaps retire somewhere near the sea. 六、对在新动态的工作和生活,你有什么收获和感想?      The environment here is very relaxed, full of English speakers and perfect for someone to learn and improve their English in a short period of time.


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【金融英语】 银行金融英语培训 电话咨询 4500
【谈判英语】 常州谈判英语学习 电话咨询 1800
【专业英语】 会议英语培训 电话咨询 1800
【专业英语】 英语培训辅导 电话咨询 2700
【专业英语】 常州外贸英语培训 电话咨询 2700



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  • 建校时间:2004-01-01年
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